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Deep Dive into Meta Business Suite

Welcome back, fellow business professionals! We’re going to pick up where we left off on Meta Business Suite from last month, and take a deeper dive into what all of the metrics mean to you and your business, and how to customize your dashboards for success! If you missed the first part of this blog or need a refresher, you can catch up here! →

Let’s dive right into the Insights Page again and discuss what these terms and analytics mean! The Results Tab is my preferred way to view my reports.

Facebook/ Instagram Reach- This is the number of people your posts, ads, videos, etc. “reached” during that period. Reach is different from impressions, this is the number of people who pay attention to your posts.

Facebook/ Instagram Visits- The number of people who went to and checked out (“visited”) your Facebook page during that period.

This quick breakdown may seem insignificant, but it’s the lifeblood of a Facebook page. Every Facebook page admin should check this page at least once a month to keep up with your post and page performance results.

From here, let’s hop to the Ads Page and view the completely customizable summary! You can have your dashboard set to display the analytics you care about the most! But, what should you care about? That’s dependent on your business and goals, so let’s get into what they mean, and you can decide for yourself!

Impressions- The number of times your ads were delivered to targeted individuals.

Reach- The number of targeted individuals that were served the ads and viewed it for at least 3 seconds.

Link Clicks- The number of clicks on your ads that lead to an external source (i.e. your website).

Post/Page Engagement- The number of interactions that targeted individuals had with your ads, including reactions, comments, shares, video views, and link clicks (this is dependent on the type of content you’re running during this time frame).

Leads- The number of targeted individuals that took action on your ads, and includes messaging conversations. This can also include people who filled out information on your website if you have your Meta Pixel setup correctly.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when going through all of these analytics and metrics.

  1. You'll always have more impressions than reach. Reach can help determine how your ads are doing in terms of retention, and this can be calculated by frequency (reach divided by impressions times 100). If you have a low-frequency rate (>5%), then your target audience probably isn't that interested in your ad, or you're targeting the wrong people. If you have a high-frequency rate (<10-15%), then congratulations! You made a captivating ad that was delivered to the right people!

  2. Impressions delivered can be duplicates or delivered to the same person multiple times. Don't get too excited when you see your impressions report, because that isn't thousands of individuals who saw your ad. Especially for where we live in southern West Virginia, you may see your ad was delivered to hundreds of thousands, but if you're just targeting Beckley and the surrounding area, there aren't even that many people that live here! This also comes in handy with any form of advertising buying from a media company, since they also report their impressions now. Don't let the reps pull wool over your eyes!

  3. The true indicator of a successful ad or campaign is ROI (return on investment), every single time. If you aren't seeing at least twice the return from what you spent on advertising in terms of sales, leads, or whatever your company's goal is for advertising, then you need to re-think your strategies. Random acts of advertising never got anyone the ROI they were looking for!

And that's all folks! We hope we gave you the best start to managing your Facebook page, posts, and ads! It can be quite intimidating at first, but once you understand what you're looking at, it comes so much easier from there! If you have any questions or would like to go more in-depth into a certain topic, email lindsey@goduckmedia!

All images are the intellectual property of Go Duck Media and are not to be used for any purpose other than education through this blog.

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