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Your Marketing Team

About Go Duck


Go Duck started with a simple realization: rural businesses deserve better than dull, ineffective advertising. Tired of seeing uninspired ads cluttering local TV and billboards, we embarked on a journey fueled by creativity and a genuine desire for change. With every campaign, we pour our hearts into infusing excitement and innovation into rural communities. Located in the heart of Beckley, West Virginia, Go Duck aims to be a part of the growth for businesses in rural areas!

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Brianna Duckworth

Having grown up in Almost Heaven, West Virginia, Brianna's childhood was full of fun adventures! She believes these adventures sparked her desire for creative, out-of-the-box ideas that let to the creation of Go Duck and the desire to see a more creative approach to marketing for businesses in rural areas.


Brianna began her career as an actor, traveling around the country while simultaneously discovering her passion for creative advertising and content creation. She is now able to combine those skill sets to give a creative and personal edge to any social media or online marketing campaign. Although she started Go Duck as a solo freelancer, Go Duck has now grown to a team of professionals passionate about creating lasting impressions on YOUR potential customers or clients! 

Digital Marketing and Account Manager

Lindsey Berardi

Born and raised in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, Lindsey grew up with an appreciation for the creativity, passion and pride that can be found all throughout the Appalachias and its people. Surrounded by the arts, theater and her mother’s work as an advertiser, she was inspired to bring her unique perspective to the digital advertising field! 


Lindsey graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism, specializing in digital and social media marketing. She has made it her mission to serve local businesses with their best interest in mind, and launch them into the digital landscape! 


Lindsey has a proven history of creating, optimizing and delivering quality content and results, and personable service tailored to fit you and your business needs. 

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Business Development Manager

Rich Hampton

Rich is the brains behind the finances and operational efficiency of our marketing agency. With a keen eye for detail, Rich ensures the smooth sailing of our back-end processes, making growth seamless for our clients.

Beyond the numbers, Rich is a devoted family man, finding joy in the company of his loving wife, Erin, and two kids, Edge and Eden. Balancing work and life, he brings a strategic and heartfelt approach to our agency, driving us towards success in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Rich's passion to see the "big picture" is a large aspect that sets our clients' marketing strategies apart from the competition.

Office Manager

Rachael Wilson

Rachael grew up in Southern West Virginia! She delved into the worlds of sales, finance, and business administration, becoming a well-rounded professional with a keen understanding of various facets of the corporate landscape. 


Rachael found her calling in the realm of marketing. Her genuine interest in people and their aspirations led her to thrive in helping others achieve their goals.

Central to Rachael's world is her daughter, Penelope. Together, they live right here in the Mountain State!

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Graphic Designer

Ashton Basham

Ashton was born and raised in the wild and wonderful state! Being a part of such a small, yet connected community is what kept him here in southern West Virginia and is what made him decide to study marketing and advertising at West Virginia University.

With the world coming together with technology, along with businesses beginning to make their social media debuts and presences, he knew that digital marketing would be the best choice to help his community. Being certified in Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and Microsoft Office, he understands both the creative and productive sides to any business, big or small.

Account/Relationship Manager

Kayla Forinash

Native to the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, Kayla's creativity and style matches the vibrancy of her hometown Elkview. Born and raised on the outskirts of the city Charleston, Kayla is excited for the change of scenery Beckley has to offer. She hopes to foster intentional relationships between her new, local community and Go Duck Media.


Kayla values her faith and family. She is happily married to her husband Nich, and happy to apply her experience in finance and retail to connect with the clientele of Go Duck Media!

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Social Media Manager

Fallyn Swiger

Born and raised in Bridgeport, West Virginia, Fallyn looks forward to the change of scenery the southern part of the state has to offer. When she’s not brainstorming ideas for her clients, you’ll find her exploring new places or enjoying a good cup of iced coffee. 


Fallyn graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing. From there she went on to graduate from West Virginia University with a Master’s of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications. She is excited to bring her passion for creativity and marketing expertise to her new role, ready to make a positive impact in the southern region of West Virginia.

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Our Partners


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Anthony Greene

Anthony is the co-founder/Director of The Folkway, a film production studio based in the heart of the New River Gorge National Park in southern West Virginia. They're dedicated to telling stories the folk way, capturing culture and reshaping the narrative of West Virginia and the surrounding Appalachian Region.


Go Duck has worked with The Folkway on everything from high-end commercials to music videos. From creating the overall strategy, to organizing and executing the shoot, to managing the multifaceted post-production process, they ensure our clients’ projects are seamless from start to finish.

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