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The Evolution of Go Duck Media: Redefining 'Not Your Mama's Marketing Company'

Last year, I explained what our tagline 'Not Your Mama’s Marketing Company' means to Go Duck Marketing & Media. Since then, we’ve continued to grow, evolve, and push the boundaries of what it means to be a full-service marketing agency in southern West Virginia and dare I say, the Appalachians. Our definition of our tagline has changed as we have, so I’d like to introduce our new meaning! 

Go Duck Media was created in 2020 during the height of the pandemic when Brianna Duckworth found herself back home in Beckley after touring the country in pursuit of a professional theater career. Almost immediately, she noticed a gap in her hometown’s marketing and digital presence and wanted to see her childhood home thrive by providing this necessary service. Started from a coffee shop to a team of 3, working for pennies on the dollar to make our dream come true. Now, we have grown to a team of 8, with no end in sight! 

'Not Your Mama’s Marketing Company' goes much deeper than us trying to be cheeky. Our ever-growing team is redefining the norms and stereotypes of a typical ad agency, from personalized services based on needs to our centrally located office where you can always talk to your account manager! We truly care for our clients, not only because their success means our success, but because our collective passions lie in helping our communities thrive as well! When you hire Go Duck Media, your company receives an entire marketing team of individual experts in their respective fields, from digital marketing to graphic design to website design. Not to mention, everyone on our team are West Virginia natives, and live, work, and play here as well! 

We have grown and developed based on the needs of our clients and advice from the businesses and community leaders who know we’re here to help! Our latest and most exciting service is our Marketing Audits! From small to enterprise, any business with doubts about its marketing can greatly benefit from an outside look into its strategies. We adjust our services to each client based on their budget, goals, and needs, because no two business, plans, or ideas are the same! 

So when you see our tagline, “Not Your Mama’s Marketing Company,” you can be sure you know what it means! A team of marketing professionals, experts in each respective field, that are dedicated to our clients and the community, no matter how big or small. 

Are you looking for a new creative marketing team or want a refresh of your marketing strategy? Give us a call or reach out to us to get started today!

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