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Simple Guide to One-of-a-Kind Local Food

Within and surrounding the City of Beckley is several one-of-a-kind restaurants and cafés that can take you on a trip through Flavor Town. From the amazing gourmet food to the lively atmospheres, these unique places have something in store for everyone! Take some time to visit all of these restaurants! Whether you’re a brand-new customer or have eaten there for years, visit these places and try something new and you may find your new favorite meal!

The Char:

100 Char Dr, Beckley, WV 25801

If you want a fine dining experience here soon, you must go to the Char! Just off of Harper Road, the Char is small fine dining restaurant with BIG flavors. They have a menu filled with some of the best food options, ranging from mouth-watering seafood, the finest steaks, and some delicious desserts for after your meal. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the pond while eating their delicious meals.



224 Harper Park Dr, Beckley, WV 25810

For over 55 years, Pasquale’s has been delighting our customers with the finest Italian cuisine in the area. Specializing in both intimate dining and group events, our warm and relaxed atmosphere has made us a year-round favorite with local residents and travelers. Join us in our casual dining room, our intimate formal dining room, our relaxing sunroom with televisions or relax on our outdoor patio. With over fifty menu items including spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine, steaks, seafood, chicken, veal, calamari, pizza, and much more, everyone will leave satisfied. Please join us for lunch or dinner and we are sure we’ll become one of your favorites too.


Dobra Zupas:

600 S Oakwood Ave, Beckley, WV 25801

Dobra Zupas is a restaurant brand that revolutionized the dining experience by offering gourmet food on a constantly evolving menu, all at an affordable price. They aimed to provide customers with a unique and enjoyable atmosphere where they could savor new dishes alongside craft beer. The menu boasts an array of options, including Mediterranean Pita Wraps, specialty burgers, and timeless favorites like Black and Bleu Fillet or Crab Risotto. With a rotating menu, Dobra Zupas ensures that patrons can always find their favorite dishes while also having the opportunity to try new and exciting creations.



3611 Robert C Byrd Dr, Beckley, WV 25801

Calacino's, a beloved establishment in southern West Virginia, has been delighting locals for over 80 years with delicious food and a lively atmosphere. Whether dining in the historic main dining room, the sports bar and lounge, or the outdoor seating deck, guests are sure to have a memorable experience. The restaurant offers a vibrant entertainment lineup, featuring live music every weekend, Team Trivia on Tuesdays, and Karaoke on Wednesdays. Additionally, Calacino's hosts exciting themed events such as Bike Nights in the summer and Jeep Nights in the fall. With numerous large screens and a 150" projector screen, it is the ultimate destination to enjoy sports games and cheer for the Mountaineers and the Herd. Stay updated on upcoming events by referring to Calacino's calendar.


King Tut:

301 N Eisenhower Dr, Beckley, WV 25801

King Tut Drive-In, a family-owned business in Beckley, West Virginia, has been serving high-quality food to customers on the go since the early 1940s. Their dedicated crew, many of whom have been with them for years, prepares fresh food daily, including homemade breads, buns, and pies using recipes dating back to the Great Depression era. King Tut takes pride in their authentic preparations and uses quality ingredients, with highlights including handspun milkshakes, preservative-free pies, and scratch-made soups. Their menu is diverse and continues to expand, building on the tradition of introducing new items like stone-baked pizzas in the 1950s. With accolades such as being named one of the "Top 55 Must See" places in West Virginia and voted "The Best Drive-In in West Virginia," King Tut Drive-In warmly welcomes visitors seeking a taste of history and a homey dining experience.


The Dish Cafe:

1466 Ritter Dr, Daniels, WV 25832

The restaurant's concept was developed by a group of partners aiming to provide healthy food choices using natural and whole ingredients. They prioritize purchasing beef from Swift Level Farm, known for its farm-raised, grass-fed steers. The beef undergoes a meticulous process, including being processed in a USDA and Animal Welfare Approved facility and dry aged for 45 days. Their producers focus on land restoration and supporting local family farms. By choosing to dine at the restaurant, customers contribute to the local economy and food system. Additionally, the culinary team led by Paul Almond, a master Culinary Guru, creates tasteful and diverse Mexican and Italian dishes using fresh, in-season ingredients, making The Dish Cafe the preferred Farm-to-Table destination in Southern West Virginia.


Weathered Ground:

2027 Flat Top Rd, Ghent, WV 25843

Weathered Ground Brewery is a renowned brewery in West Virginia that specializes in crafting high-quality, locally made beers. They offer a wide range of West Virginia craft beers that are carefully brewed with expertise and passion. In addition to their exceptional beer selection, Weathered Ground also serves delicious finger foods and other delectable dishes. Visitors can enjoy a variety of flavorful and satisfying food options that perfectly complement their handcrafted brews. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or a food lover, Weathered Ground Brewery provides a delightful experience with their flavorful craft beers and mouthwatering food offerings.

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