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7 Reasons to Use Digital Advertising for Your Business!

Connecting your business with your customers is one of the most important things you can do to succeed and keep a steady business. Your customers are constantly checking their phones or keeping an eye on their social media. So meet your customers where they are! Starting or improving your online presence will expand your company, bringing more business back to you! Every business should use digital marketing and understand their benefits for your business!

Reason #1 - Affordability!

Whether you have a $100 budget or a $100,000 budget, you can pick and choose how to digitally market your business! Traditional forms of marketing can be expensive and take up most of your business’ ad budget. However, with digital marketing, you could reach the same amount or even a larger audience with this less expensive method. There will obviously be some exceptions depending on how you want your digital marketing campaigns to work or what all may be included, but digital marketing overall tends to be more affordable than other marketing methods.

Reason #2 - Mobile Access

As more and more people turn to smartphones and other mobile devices, there will be more

and more people for your business to reach. A lot of smartphone users, especially within the

United States, use their mobile devices for news, social networking, and countless other

activities. While they use many different apps daily, your business can take part and have

accounts on all these different apps in order to reach new audiences and potential business.

"If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." – Wendy Clark, Senior VP, Coca-Cola

Reason #3 - Flexibility

Other forms of marketing only have one or two things that you can do to reach new business and find new audiences. However, digital marketing offers you a variety of options to choose from. The long list of digital marketing opportunities includes banner ads, email marketing, content marketing, social media posts, and many other options. Learning how to creatively market your business will open a wide range of possibilities for future campaigns and strategies.

Reason #4 - Multimedia

With digital media, giving customers a range of different content styles online, such as photos, video clips, and audio clips, draws them in to see how you creatively market your business. Customers want to see a diverse marketing campaign, rather than just the same types of posts every day. Spice up your social media with short video clips or talking audio clips for people to see your creative side and show them who you really are as a company!

Reason #5 - Interactivity

When it comes to interactivity, this is one of the most important ways to better your business

and see feedback. Digital marketing and having an online presence gives you a firsthand look at how your company is doing with your customers. Having an easy and quick way to see comments, reviews, messages, and more relating to your business is a great way to make any changes you need to make fast and easy. Feedback is important to you and your customers, so make sure you build your customers’ trust and respect by always interacting with them.

Reason # 6 - Tracking

Digital marketing is one of the easiest ways to track potential customer's activity on your website, social media pages, and just overall search results. Monitoring ads that have been the most influential in growing your audience can be a way to see which marketing campaigns you need to start and where to focus on in your marketing. Finding the most effective marketing methods allows you to improve your business strategy and to further your business.

Reason # 7 - Competition

Studies show that MOST businesses in the US are on social media, no matter what type of company it is! If your competitors have digital advertising and you don't, they already have a leg up on you! If you want to pull ahead of your competition, digital marketing is a faster and easier way to expand your business while expanding your audience and target market. Digital marketing is here to stay, so make sure you and your business is here to stay too! There are a lot more ways that digital marketing can positively impact your brand and your business, but this should be a good start to at least peak your interest. If you currently do not have a digital marketing strategy in place, you may be losing out on important opportunities to reach out to your consumers and build a better connection.

Digital Marketing and the Future!

There are so many ways that digital marketing can positively impact your brand and your business. If you currently do not have a digital marketing strategy in place, you may be losing out on important opportunities to reach out to your consumers and build a better connection. If you need help with digital marketing, don't hesitate to move NOW! Click Here to see how Go Duck Media can help with your digital marketing campaigns.

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