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AI in Creative Fields: Will it Replace Humans?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news or social media trends in the advertising industry lately, you will have heard about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it has the potential to replace creative work like writing, design, and digital marketing. Well, while AI might be the future, the chances of it replacing all creative work is slim. We've had extreme technological advances over the past 200 years with people fearing technology we use on a daily basis. Art will always adapt to new tech and we’ll tell you why.

Computer scientist works to help AI comprehend human emotions - Purdue University

Go Duck Marketing and Media is focused on creative advertising, digital and social media marketing, brand development, and content creation. Our team of creative professionals work hard every day writing, creating, and designing graphics, visual media, and ideas for campaigns, photo shoots, and commercials. We communicate with our clients and team everyday, and address the real reasons as to why a campaign is or isn't successful. AI may have working algorithms that can detect certain trends or grammatical errors, but when it comes to advertising and marketing to rural areas especially, there will always be a personal or honest quality missing. AI does not have the creative ability, expression, or empathy to be effective at replacing us, it only has the ability to mimic how it was programmed to do.

We have succeeded in our field in southern West Virginia because we understand the people that live and work here; what they want to see and hear, because we’re also those same people. Rural and suburban folks want thier content to be personal, with emotional and honest aspects. We want to see people in and from our community being involved and giving back, a neighbor talking about a product or service they enjoyed, and a live stream of a grand opening for a local small business; these are all things that AI could never do.

So we can admit that AI surely does have the potential to replace creative advertising and jobs, but what would the results be? Advertising would no longer be personal, it would be out of touch with the rural and even urban consumer, with no semblance of real artistic or emotional expression. We'd be fully relying on AI's ability to operate and learn the information, data, and media available; but how could it know what it's like to experience the fall colors, a summer festival, or intimate histories of the mountain state, and be able to express that from the creative heart? AI helps our team keep up with our daily tasks and automation, but replacing our graphic designers or videographers with a computer system? No thank you!!

Will AI Replace Creative Jobs? - Forbes

If we learned anything from our reliance on technology during the COVID-19 outbreak is that it's critical, necessary even, in our current world. But from the moment we were able to get out from behind the screen and socialize, we took that opportunity and ran with it. Our team greatly values the creative, honest and hard-working qualities in ourselves and each other, because that’s what makes us great at what we do. We know these are also important ideals to our clients, and the businesses and professionals that come to us. That’s what sets us apart from other ad agencies, and especially any AI program that thinks it can compete!


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