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Thanksgiving Side Dishes: RANKED

We all know who the real star of Thanksgiving dinner is... the side dishes! It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them, as they are just as important as the turkey. After seeing which side dish our fans voted for, we have gathered the top 8 Thanksgiving side dishes. It was a tough choice as to which side was put at the number 1 spot. Do you agree with our top 8?

Honorable Mentions:

Some of these “losers” were a bit of a shock, but the people have spoken. They may not be in the top 4 in our list, but they are still some essential dishes to include on your Thanksgiving Day table.

Green Bean Casserole:

Considering its popularity, this was definitely a surprising “loser” in our bracket. It is a traditional dish that you can’t really go wrong with. Described as an “iconic” dish, this dish is a family-favorite despite the results of the bracket.

Cranberry Sauce:

Some love the jellied, canned cranberry sauce while others love to make their own. Cranberry sauce is just a dish that embodies the fall season, especially Thanksgiving. No matter what kind is on your plate, it is another classic side to put on the table.

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy:

This was one of the more surprising “losers” in our Thanksgiving Side Dish bracket. Mashed potatoes are a staple side for many families throughout the year, but Thanksgiving is really the time for this dish to shine. Along with some gravy, it is always a classic choice for any Thanksgiving dinner.

Deviled Eggs:

Deviled eggs are a classic dish that have a higher search rate for recipes across the nation. They are simple to make and there is always room to stick one or two on your plate. They are typically a staple dish for the Thanksgiving table.

Final Four:

The Final Four also had some surprise choices! These are the Top 4 dishes that should be on the Thanksgiving Day table, according to our Thanksgiving Madness bracket. Do you agree with our Top 4?

4. Yeast Rolls:

Everybody loves bread. Whether they are homemade, frozen, or just pulled straight from the package, everyone loves a roll. There is always room to stack one (or a couple) on your dinner plate. Is there anything better than a basket full of dinner rolls on your table?

3. Mac N’ Cheese:

Mac N’ Cheese is definitely an all-around favorite dish, especially around Thanksgiving time. It’s a dish for those who don’t always enjoy falls foods – mainly the kids at your Thanksgiving dinners. It is an absolute must have on the table as it is a very underrated Thanksgiving side.

2. Stuffing:

Stuffing is a Thanksgiving table essential – no ifs, ands, or buts. All the famous fall flavors in one dish. Some wonder why stuffing is mainly a Thanksgiving dish instead of a year-round dish. As it is a Thanksgiving favorite, it takes our number 2 spot on the list.

1. Sweet Potato Casserole:

Sweet Potato Casserole is one of the more popular Thanksgiving classics. Though some may find it a little too sweet to be on a dinner plate, it’s a side that is always hard to pass up on Thanksgiving Day. Not only is it topped with marshmallows, it “topped” our list as the Top Thanksgiving Day side dish!

Do you agree with our Top 8 Thanksgiving Side Dishes?

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