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National Photography Month: How to Celebrate!

It seems there is always something called to be celebrated every month. During the month of May, it is time for all photographers - professional ones, amateur shutterbugs, or selfie extraordinaires - to focus on sharpening their skills and celebrating the joys and benefits of photography!

How We Celebrate... All Year Round

We believe that a picture is worth 1,000 words! The right photo that best fits you, your business, your family, and your friends is worth even more. Our team at Go Duck Marketing and Media takes pride in our photography, helping every business and client have pictures worth those 1,000 words! We want our clients and partners to really stand out and have amazing pictures that make them POP. From headshots and lifestyle photos to location and behind-the-scenes snapshots, we dabble in all forms of photography to help you and your business stand out among the crowd.

How You Can Celebrate

There are multiple ways to pay homage to the amazing contribution of photography to our world. Professional photographers take part in activities in celebration of their art medium. But that doesn't mean that amateur photographers and selfie enthusiasts can't participate.

Here are some examples of how to celebrate:

  • Photograph the normalcy in your life. You don't have to wait for a vacay or special event. Capture the moments in your life that are unplanned and spontaneous.

  • Make a photobook. Most of us have a stash of pictures stuffed in a closet somewhere. It would be the perfect time to get them into a scrapbook or a new photobook.

  • Take some pet pics. Could your pet be the next "Grumpy Cat?" Who doesn't love pictures of animals? Share all the cuteness of your pet. After all, it's just "wildlife photography" from the comfort of your home.

  • Visit a photo gallery or museum. Some of the best pictures in the area are at local museums, art galleries, or libraries. Go visit the Tamarack in Beckley or another artsy place to find some of the best local photography.

Get Involved

It doesn't matter what stage of life you're in, National Photography Month is the time for having fun and getting involved. Whether you want to break out the old Polaroid camera or just use the smartphone you have in your pocket, tap into your inner shutterbug during May and grab those perfect snapshots of your life. You'll thank yourself in the decades ahead. If you want to share on social media, use #NationalPhotographyMonth to show off your best photographs!

All images are the intellectual property of Go Duck Marketing and Media.

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