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Does My Business Really Need a Professional Photoshoot?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We now live in an age where an iPhone can take a better photo than most digital cameras under the $1000 range. So why do you need a professional photoshoot done when my phone camera on "portrait mode" does the job for free? You have to take a moment to determine what the goals are for your business and where you'd want these professional photos to be utilized? Is it worth the money? In this article, we will discuss how you know it's time to get a professional photoshoot done, how to find the right photographer, and what to expect you'll pay for a quality shoot (and how to find out if you're getting ripped off 😳).

Go Duck Media's photoshoot with Posh Manna, the cake artist and bakery in Beckley, WV

When is the "Right Time?"

In terms of your business, when or if you should get professional photos taken depends on how much "value" you want on your company. Think about marketing. When you market your business, what kind of photos or graphics do you use? Studies show that the faces of your company are what people want to buy and that many potential customers couldn't care less about an infographic about your company or a sharing of your logo. A professional photo will be high quality which means it can easily be blown up on a billboard or printed on a poster. It will also give your social media pages or your website a professional and commercial look while also giving a sense of personality. So while there is no right and wrong as to when you should invest in a photographer, you can't go wrong with some professional photos of your company and employees.

Amateur Photo

Amateur vs. Professional

There is a HUGE difference between an amateur photographer vs a professional one. But both have their pros and cons.

Go Duck Media Photo

With so many high definition photographs and videos out there now, it's easy for consumers to spot the difference between a low-budget photoshoot and a high quality one. Sometimes a single blurry photo will make the difference between whether a customer chooses to utilize you or your competitor. Here's an example of an amateur vs a professional photo: The cake on the bottom left is from a photoshoot Go Duck Media did with Posh Manna, a bakery in Beckley, WV while the photo on the top left is a photo on the website of one of Posh Manna's competitors. While the cake on the top looks like it would taste delicious, the photo of the cake is clearly amateur. It's dark, taken from a poor angle, and has an unsightly background that takes away from the beauty of the cake. Our goal with the cake on the bottom was to create a dynamic photo. Blurred in the background, you can see another unfinished cake as well as some kitchen items used to make the cake you see featured. Keeping this background as well as an actionable shot of one of the bakers putting in the "Best Dad Ever" sign make the cake look more interesting by comparison. The professional photoshoot makes the cake on the left look more delicious by comparison.

What Do I Do now?

Taking this next step in your business' process is big but it doesn't have to be scary! Do your research beforehand and figure out your budget. Make sure the photographer you hire has a good idea of your vision. But even more important than that, make sure YOU have a good idea of your vision! Before talking to your photographer, have a plan in place as to what you would like to accomplish. A photographer will always perform better with direction. Besides, no one knows YOUR company better than you!

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