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Why a Positive Online Presence is Needed for Businesses in West Virginia

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Before Kirsten and I started Go Duck Media, there was a regular theme we heard from business owners in West Virginia. This was the idea that a business does not need an online presence to survive. This misconception has held businesses back for many years as the internet continues to dominate within our lives. Once COVID happened, and the world shut down, we witnessed many of these businesses suddenly scrambling to get their companies online, creating incomplete Facebook pages and websites that were anything but functional or user friendly. It's not that this is something they were TRYING to do, of course. It's simply something many business owners do not know how to do or do not have the time to do correctly. This is the reason we created Go Duck Media!

Why an online presence is needed for businesses in West Virginia
West Virginia and Social Media

What makes social media important in West Virginia RIGHT NOW?

Currently, West Virginia is experiencing a huge influx of tourism as well as new families moving in from out of state. The pandemic presented an opportunity to many out-of-state young families: they can work remotely and still live in an affordable state. Having been an actor for many years, I personally know a few New York actors who have made the decision to move here with the idea that they can audition online. As a result, this creates a huge opportunity for YOU as a business owner. This is the perfect time to grow your online presence and put West Virginia on the digital map.

How do I start growing my online presence without any previous social media skills?

Start small! It's better to have an online presence that is sporadic with posts and has inconsistent branding than have no online presence at all. If you don't have time for it in your business but don't have the money to hire someone to do it yet, take 5 minutes every day (set a timer if you have to!) to look through Facebook and answer a comment or take a picture of something you're selling and post about it. You don't have to post every day to see growth within your business. Make a habit of creating a social media personality for your brand. And when your business starts growing beyond what you're capable of handling on your own, let Go Duck Media step in and do your social media management for you! It's what we're here for! 😉

It's never too late to start building your social media presence. Even if you're starting small, a little activity goes a long way and will make your business seem more professional and modern to potential customers. 80% of consumers look up a business before they even step foot in the office building or make a call for an appointment. Take a moment to think about it: if someone were to search your business up on social media, what would they see? Think about what you WANT them to see and try to echo that vision to your Facebook page.


Create an achievable social media goal that is measurable and stick to it. For example, set a goal to "Grow Facebook page likes by 20%." This is a goal that is achievable and can be measured using Facebook insights! Format your social media posts around the goal and watch the strategy make some magic!

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