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Behind the Scenes at Go Duck Media

Do you wonder what it’s like to work at a creative agency? Do you imagine that we just sit around and make silly social media posts all day? What about what we actually do every day? Well, my friends, wonder no more! We don’t have a typical day or schedule because, lucky for us, almost every day is different!

We’ll start with our home base, where the bulk of everything we do happens, the Go Duck Marketing and Media office located in Beckley. While we spend plenty of time in the office, however, we're always on the move! Part of our team works remotely, creating graphics or designing websites while others are out and about meeting potential clients or helping communicate with current clients to create their amazing marketing strategy!

Almost everything we do is on a computer; editing commercials, writing scripts, creating and researching digital campaigns, putting together reports and analytics, speaking with local businesses and media representatives, and meeting with current and potential clients. But on other days, we don’t step into the office at all, and we’re out and about at an event, photo/video shoot, or have a day full of in-person meetings.

Our team prides itself on our communication efforts with all of our clients and within our local community. Connecting with local business owners, professionals, and really anyone willing to talk to us is what we love to do. Don't be surprised if we even chat you up in the coffee line! You’ll often see Brianna and me around Beckley at ribbon cuttings, special events, or just eating lunch at one of our favorite locally-owned spots.

Go Duck Media has changed and evolved so much since its inception and even since I’ve been brought on, and our team will continue to do just that to meet our client’s needs. I can guarantee one thing about our schedules: we all work hard every day to ensure that we are doing the best we can for every single one of our clients, and are producing quality content and results that will get their business noticed.

Does working with Go Duck Media sound like the right fit for you and your business? Give us a call at 304-664-4147 for a free first consultation!

All pictures are my own or intellectual property of Go Duck Media.

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