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15 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Spring has officially sprung and Earth Month is here! Don't just celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd... celebrate our awesome planet the entire month! Whether you celebrate Earth Month already or have never celebrated it before, this is your chance to start now and find a new way to enjoy nature and the planet! The best part? Most of these things won't cost you a dime!

1. Climb a Tree

You don't have to be a kid to climb a tree, but you may want to channel your inner child before you do so. Make sure you're safe though, always checking for dead branches and finding trees with easy ways to get up and low branches!

​2. Geocaching

Nature + Adventure = Geocaching! Follow coordinates and clues to find geocaches everywhere, from small boxes to large containers. Make sure to carry some "treasure" you don't mind leaving behind when you find one. If you do, record your name for others to know you've stopped by!

3. Learn Tree Types

There are trees everywhere around us! Do you know what type they are? This is your time to learn about trees and quiz yourself to see how much you know! Find yourself a tree ID guide and see if you can find all different kinds of leaves, buds, and bark!

4. Clean Up Trash

Picking up trash is something that could not only help the community, but help the Earth! With the right group of folks, you can have fun with it and even have a competition! If there's not events or groups, start one with your family and friends and see how much you guys pick up!

​5. Plant a Tree/Flower

Trees and flowers are some of the most important things in the environment. Trees help clean the air we breathe and water we drink and flowers help keep native species alive, such as honeybees and butterflies! If there is no event around, just plant your own at home!

​6. Go On a Hike

We have so many walkways and trails that you can enjoy the world's beauty. From New River Gorge to Grandview, there are plenty of places to really take it all in! Take a hike in our local areas just to see how much beauty there is in our community, from our mountains and rivers to animals and plants.

​7. Find Local Produce

Visit a local farmers' market! Help support local growers by finding local produce and goodies that anyone in the family will enjoy. The food will be fresher, tastier, more sustainable, and WAY more nutritious! Supporting local farmers' not only benefits them, but benefits the community!

​8. Pick Up Your Bike

Whether you like to mountain bike or just go on a simple ride, get it out of your storage place and enjoy some springtime adventures! Take advantage of the local area's trails and paths to find a new adventure right in our hometown. Just don't forget to wear a helmet!

​9. Get Out the Boats

If the local lakes or rivers aren't frozen anymore, now's the time to get back out there! Start paddling today on some of the best local spots - Bluestone Lake and the Greenbrier and New Rivers! The water still might be too cold to swim, but it shouldn't stop you or your boat.

​10. Go Stargazing

The next time there's a cloud-free night, grab some blankets or some warm clothes and get comfy under the stars. Enjoy the night sky filled with stars and planets that surround our planet. If you want to learn about the stars, look up some stars and try to find them!

11. Horseback Riding

Never ridden a horse before? Pipestem Resort has you covered! Prepare to enjoy nature like never before! Enjoy a scenic ride through the woods and roll over hills and forest ground with your friends, families, and peers today!

12. Start Your Garden

There's nothing quite like getting your hands in the dirt to feel connected to Earth - the organic fruits, veggies, and herbs you'll get out of the deal are pretty great, too! Whether you have land or just a couple pots on your porch, you and your family can start your own healthy, simple garden!

​13. Go Camping

Even if it's just in your own backyard, a night spent sleeping under the stars can do wonders for your mood and outlook on nature! Enjoy a restorative night being one with nature with your friends and family! Whether it be normal camping or more on the "glamping" side, you will definitely enjoy your time in nature.

​14. Chase Waterfalls

We are lucky enough to live in an area with LOTS of natural waterfalls! Act like a tourist and take advantage of the West Virginia Waterfall Trail! Make yourself an itinerary to visit all of West Virginia's best waterfalls and who knows... you may even get a reward for doing so!

15. Enjoy Local Nature

Whether it may be at a local park or even the new national park, there are plenty of locations for us to enjoy our beautiful spot on the planet! Go for a hike, explore places you haven't before, or anything that involves nature - DO IT! Get out there and celebrate Earth Month this April!

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