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A Go Duck Year in Review

2022 has meant and represented a lot for Go Duck Media. Trying to fit all of our footage and memories into one video would be… well...unreasonable. Go Duck Marketing and Media’s 2022 Recap video is just the tip of the iceberg of all that we’ve done with our fantastic clients! We want to personally thank and spotlight our clients in this video; InShapeWV, the City of Hinton, Cramer Security & Investigations, Lillie King, Greenbrier Valley Theatre, and the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce.

From rebranding to new team members to all the events and photoshoots in between, our team at Go Duck Marketing and Media has been some busy ducks! Go Duck Media has now expanded into Go Duck Marketing and Media, a full-service marketing agency with our new logo and branding to match. We were lucky enough to add three new creative professionals to the family to better serve our clients as we continue to grow ourselves. We’ve moved into two new offices in Hinton and Beckley to better serve our clients, with our ribbon cutting coming soon!

However, it has to be said that our clients have been the most important and exciting feature of our 2022! The opportunities given to us to travel, capture memories, and expand local small businesses have been an amazing experience. We never seem to have the same day twice and we are incredibly grateful for it. Our clientele ranges from a professional theatre to a Nashville artist to an entire city and everything in between, and we are always ready for whatever comes our way! As eventful as our year was, there are so many great memories to choose from. So I’ll let you hear from the team members themselves about their favorite memory of 2022!

Brianna Duckworth


"It’s difficult to think of my favorite memory from this year as we’ve grown and changed so much in 2022. When recounting everything we’ve done this year, I lost track of just how much we’ve managed to accomplish! Many things stand out but one of my absolute favorite weeks was one where we had a full week of events: we hopped on the vintage train cars for the Autumn Colors Express before shooting photos and video for Hinton Railroad Days and then followed the next day by shooting 2 music videos for Lillie King then following that up with multiple events throughout the following week. It was exhausting but so worth it when we were able to see the finished products and experiences from that time. Looking forward to many more weeks like that in 2023!"

Lindsey Berardi

Social Media Strategist

"My favorite memory from 2022 with Go Duck Media was Railroad Days weekend in Hinton. Brianna and I captured so many sweet and fun photos and videos, and even better drone footage. The festival itself was also a huge success in every way. Thousands of people lined Hinton’s downtown streets and we enjoyed vendor shopping, lots of delicious food, and great live music by local musicians. Working with the City of Hinton is like a dream come true for me, I spent my summers here as a kid and now I get to help bring tourism and new business to my wonderful small town."

Ashton Basham

Graphic Designer

"My personal favorite memory from this year was filming our first Go Duck Media commercials. Being stranded and “lost” in the woods was actually an exciting time. Filming with Brianna and our cameraman Anthony was such a fun experience. I can now mark “Be in a commercial” off of my bucket list! Going into filming, I didn’t know what to expect… I surely did not expect to be crawling on the ground in front of the camera! However, it was honestly a great time to be “lost in the woods.”

We look forward to many more memories just like this one come the new year!

2023 is looking pretty great so far!

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