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Greenbrier Valley Theatre

Case Study

How consistent marketing strategies can result in a full schedule of new patients!

What We Did

Digital Media Buy
Worked alongside
Traditional Media
Created Special Graphics
and Branded Materials
Created New Website
Old Phone Gif.gif

How We Did It

InShapeWV is a medical weight loss clinic located in Beckley, WV. Their team of qualified and professional providers offers personalized care and options for every patient. They create weight loss plans centered around you and your goals, and we had the pleasure of marketing their impressive work.

We went from simply managing their social media to their full-service marketing team. We created new commercials, professional office and team photos, and graphics for digital and display ads. We combined digital and traditional media including local TV, streaming and broadcast commercials, digital ads, a billboard, local radio, and social media marketing with the goal of growing their sales and patients. We began this new strategy in November 2022, and now in January 2023, their schedule and books have been completely full, and are currently booking 2-3 weeks in advance. 

Social Media

InShapeWV February Calendar.png
inshape ss case study 2.jpg

When you choose us to manage your social media, you don't have to question what's going out to the public. Each month, we've sent InShapeWV a content calendar for the following month. We give 2 weeks for them to reach to us about any changes for posts before they are scheduled.

Inshape july 8.png

Traditional Advertising

InShape 1456 (1).png

A print ad created for local magazines.

InShape Billboard Options.png
00:00 / 00:33

Local radio ad we wrote and recorded. We also used this voiceover in a commercial.

Billboard designed and placed on one of the busiest streets in the area.

We created a brand new website for InShapeWV when we first began working with them. This helped create the professional and consistent branding they required for growth.

inshape ss case study 1.jpg

How What We Did Worked

In December 2022, after just a month of implementing our new strategy, their Facebook page reached over 19,000 people, which was a 78% increase from the previous month. We ran a continuous new video commercial on Facebook as well that reached over 21,000 people and that led to over 800 new website leads. Their website saw a 22% jump in site sessions and visitors.

Our most impressive numbers however came from streaming TV (CTV). We ran two commercials at different frequencies that ended up delivering to over 51,000 households with a 98% full-view rate. Not only did we reach the right audience and households, we kept the targets engaged, and encouraged them to make the phone call and appointment. 

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