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About Us

How Go Duck Media began!

After returning to their roots during the global pandemic, co-founders of Go Duck Media Brianna Duckworth and Kirsten Hylton, discovered a blind spot in their local community. Most of the businesses in their hometown were unprepared to cater to an online audience. Wanting to see the community they grew up in thrive, they decided to combine their knowledge of design, media production, and technical online management to create Go Duck Media.


As it has grown, Go Duck Media has become a one stop shop for creative online marketing that reaches past the borders of their local community. Go Duck Media maintains the goal of globalizing its clients' businesses by providing all services a business would need to grow and keep an online presence. Go Duck Media offers its clients a range of services including website development, website management, app creation, media production, social media management, and graphic design.


Every move Go Duck Media makes is part of a unique strategic plan developed specifically for your business, setting you up to thrive in this growing digital world. Don’t let your business fall behind, reach out today and globalize your business.  

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Your Digital Marketing Duo

Brianna Duckworth CEO of Go Duck Media

Director of Operations

Kirsten Hylton

Kirsten was born and raised in southern West Virginia and has a true passion for the region. She attended West Virginia University where she received a degree in Appalachian history and political science. She's known from the start that she wanted to utilize these degrees to help the southern region and the people within it.


After college, she spent time working within the non-profit sector with the Citizen's Conservation Corp and within the field of food justice. However, her passion to see local businesses thrive catapulted her into the marketing world. She has expertise in creative storytelling and her writings have been published in the WV Historic Journal and other academic sources. She is well-versed in technical writing and analytics and understands the importance of converting businesses to an online format while still leaving behind a personal touch.

Coming from a family of local business owners, she is aware of the importance of local business and is dedicated to doing what she can to ensure their success.

Creative Director

Brianna Duckworth

Having grown up in Almost Heaven, West Virginia, Brianna's childhood was full of fun adventures! She believes these adventures sparked her desire for creative, out-of-the-box ideas that have led her to where she is now.


Brianna began her adult life as an actor, traveling around the country to work the regional theatre circuit. While doing this, she also got a degree in communications and public relations from Concord University where she discovered her passion for creative advertising and content creation. She is now able to combine those skill sets to give a creative and personal edge to any social media or online marketing campaign. With certifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, her video and photography skills are unique and competitive. She also has experience in Facebook and Google ads as well as how to target those ads to each demographic.


Brianna's goal is not just to be present online...but to create a personality behind the brand that makes potential consumers feel comfortable and excited about your business!

Kirsten Hylton Director of Operations of Go Duck Media